I Hope One Day To Write Something Worth Plagiarizing

My name is Jesse Delia.


I am an astronaut, a fireman, a football player, a mountain climber, a ballet dancer and a crime fighter. I went to Harvard after a stint at Rykers. I met JFK, who showed me the secret halls of the White House. One tunnel led to a portal that went…wouldn’t you like to know?

I, me, we are none of those thing and all of those things. We’ve done nothing and can do everything.

That is the power of story.

I write stories. Mostly for children.

Inspired by the movies and books of my youth (stories like The Neverending Story, The Time Bandits, The Goonies, Star Wars, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and BFG, to name a few) I strive to bring this same sense of adventure and wonder to every word I write.



To those that speak on a different level, on a different spectrum, no less so than what society has deemed normal.

Quin at a conference.